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Claims Charter

Plain English please

The claim has happened. You need help.

Let’s not “sugar coat” this. A claim, especially a major disaster, poses a potential threat to your balance sheet and possibly your hard earned reputation.

This is our commitment to you – that we will be with you every step of the way.

The ultimate test

This is when you really find out about the quality of the product you have bought. We actually start our claims work before the claim has even happened. How? We work hard to understand your business. We have carried out in-depth analysis of what your cover requirements are and ultimately partnered you with the right insurer. Cheapest is not always best. Our recommendations are based on the quality of cover and quality of insurer, not simply the lowest premium.

Our commitment

You will be kept up to date at every step of the claim. You will have your say and we make sure insurers listen. This is especially important in today’s litigious society. The team dealing with your claim are experienced and know what they are doing.

An education

Sometimes we actually take the positives from a claim. Any learning opportunities will be discussed with you to enhance your business.

A favour to ask…

If there is one we can ask it is this. 

Please read your policy conditions to make sure you can comply. We know from experience insurers scrutinise these carefully following a claim. 

If any help is needed on this please let us know.